Designing Interactions


This is not a book that dumbs down what we do or pretends that usability is easy: Moggridge makes us think. This is a really important book and one we should encourage people to read.
—John Knight, "Reviews," Interfaces, Spring 2007.

Ever wonder why Google is the dominant search engine or how the mouse on your desktop came into being? This accessible book endeavors to answer those questions and more.
—Brian Braiker, "Of Mice and Multimedia," Newsweek Web Exclusive, January 2007.

[Moggridge's] story telling approach makes what would otherwise be an imposing volume ... approachable and entertaining to anyone with an interest in how we have come to interact with technology and what that interaction might become.
—Leisa Reichelt, "Strolling through Interaction Design History with Bill Moggridge", Usability News, December 2006

In Designing Interactions, his 800-page opus with accompanying DVD, IDEO cofounder Bill Moggridge is our guide for a long walk down Silicon Valley’s relatively short memory lane, narrating interviews with the people who shape "the way people interact with computer technology." ... It’s a sometimes mind-altering exploration of a world you thought you already knew.
—Andrew Blum, "Blueprints for a Revolution," Wired, December 2006.

This is one hell of a book.... Part history lesson, part computer science thesis, part design education, part personal design philosophy, it is fascinating, inspirational, occasionally baffling, and often hilarious.
—Helen Walters, "Thoughts of a Design Pioneer,", November 30, 2006.


Here are endorsements from the three people who had a chance to review the material in advance.

"This will be the book--the book that summarizes how the technology of interaction came into being and prescribes how it will advance in the future. Written by the designer who was there, who helped make it happen, who pioneered the digital revolution. Essential, exciting, and a delight for both eyes and mind."
Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group and Northwestern University, author of Emotional Design

"During the past forty years, interaction designers have powerfully transformed the daily lives of billions. Designing Interactions is a deeply knowing, intimate portrayal of these people: who they are, how they think, and precisely what they do. If you live or work with computers or cell phones--and who among us has any choice about that?--then you owe it to yourself to read this. A labor of love that was years in the making, this classic has no rival in its field."
Bruce Sterling, author of Shaping Things

“An engaging, informative, and enjoyable history of interaction design that helps us appreciate the contributions of some incredible people who shaped this corner of the design field. What fun!”
Dan Boyarski, Professor and Head, School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University