Designing Interactions

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Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley is interviewed in Chapter 2 – My PC. Bill Verplank devised the user tests for the design of the Microsoft mouse. The story of mice starts with Doug Engelbart and continues with Stu Card, with some comments from Larry Tesler about developing the Apple mice.

Designing the Microsoft mouse was Paul’s favorite project. He says, “There was a certain pride in designing something that had a legacy and was really well accepted by all the audiences that it was intended for.” Paul was recently invited to Logitech to celebrate the production of their five hundred millionth mouse, with an acknowledgment that he had made a significant contribution to this success. Paul has designed many different technology and consumer products for companies such as Dell, Intel, Samsung, and Nike, and he helps the other designers at IDEO with his design philosophy, ideas, tools, and advice. The Microsoft mouse was unique in that he had an opportunity to search for and set a new standard for the design of mice.

Paul describes the challenge that Microsoft posed when they set out to develop a mouse, and talks about the design process of prototyping and testing with users.

Paul is holding the sanding block that inspired his design for the Microsoft Mouse.