Designing Interactions

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Mat Hunter

Mat Hunter is interviewed in Chapter 4 – Adopting Technology. David Liddle uses photography as an example of the phases of adoption of a technology. Rikako Sakai describes the design of Panorama Stitching for Canon digital cameras.

When Mat Hunter was studying industrial design in London, he found a quote from George Bush Sr., president at the time, declaring his intention to make every American able to program their VCR: the obvious failure in meeting this goal made Mat wonder if the design of the VCR might be as much to blame as the educational system, so he decided to study interaction design at the Royal College of Art and to master the art of designing interfaces that would be easy and enjoyable to use. He joined the San Francisco office of IDEO in 1995 and was key to the development of an interaction architecture for Kodak. He transferred to IDEO London in 1999 and became head of interaction design.

Mat recounts the story of developing an interaction architecture with Kodak in 1995. Digital photography was new for consumer cameras, so there were new design challenges; not just capturing images, but also reviewing them on the camera, deleting some, and sharing others with friends and family. They devised a user experience prototype to communicate the results of their work.

Mat Hunter at his interview in 2003.