Designing Interactions

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Fran Samalionis

Fran Samalionis is interviewed in Chapter 6 – Services. She has worked closely with Live|Work on service design, and Mat Hunter and the author on interaction design.

Fran Samalionis is a leader of the Service Design and Innovation practice at IDEO. “We started in product design by bringing engineering and industrial design together, with a focus on people. Then we introduced interaction design, which adds the dimension of time. Relatively recently we added the design of environments to our capabilities, with the dimension of space. Now it makes sense that IDEO can innovate in the design of services, because we understand how to create tangible contexts for intangibles, in different channels, that people interact with over time.” Fran joined IDEO in 1996 as a human factors specialist and has worked in both London and San Francisco. Her background was in astronomy and electronics, and she has a master’s degree in ergonomics from University College London. While at IDEO San Francisco, Fran managed the development of customer experiences for several startups, and a project to help the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art welcome its visitors. Fran has led projects with Egg, an online financial services provider, and numerous telecommunications companies in Europe. She has worked on the human factors of the design of game controllers, medical products, and of a self-propelled underwater camera.

Fran emphasizes the need to consider all of the stakeholders when designing services. As an example she describes the development of an online bank, with user research techniques probing emotional attitudes, and an analytical framework serving to provide focus for the business.

Fran at her interview in 2003. Photo Author