Designing Interactions

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Dunne and Raby

Tony Dunne and Fiona Raby are interviewed in Chapter 9 – Futures and Alternative Nows. They share an interest with Bill Gaver in the subtle psychological relationships between people and objects.

“We are interested in using design as a medium, to ask questions and provoke and stimulate people, designers and industry,” says Tony. “We are exploring things that exist somewhere between reality and fiction,” adds Fiona, as they explain their philosophy of design. They were founding members of the interaction design research studio at the Royal College of Art, and in 2004 Tony was appointed as head of department and professor, and Fiona as tutor. They see the Interaction Design Department as a place where people who are frustrated with the limitations of their original disciplines can gather to figure out which bits of what discipline—from anthropology and architecture to computer science, fine art, and design—can combine to create better, more human, electronic products, media, and services.

Tony and Fiona describe their fascination with complex pleasures and existential design. They experiment with designs that pander to the bad side of people, appealing to contradictory and irrational emotions.

Fiona Raby and Tony Dunne in their office in London.