Designing Interactions

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David Liddle

David Liddle is interviewed in Chapter 4 – Adopting Technology. His example of photography relates to the interviews with Mat Hunter and Rikako Sakai, and his three phases of adoption have something in common with the ideas of David Kelley and Terry Winograd.

David arrived at Xerox PARC in time to help with the POLOS project and design the display controller for the Alto. He went on to become the project leader for the development of the Star, the precedent-setting design for graphical user interfaces. In 1982 he left Xerox to found Metaphor Computer and, using the advantages of graphical interaction design for database access and program development applications, built Metaphor into a successful company, until IBM acquired it in 1991. In 1992 he was asked to set up and lead a new research laboratory, Interval Research, to stir up some new thinking for commercial possibilities. He assembled a stellar team of researchers, including interaction, graphic, and product designers, and media and behavioral people, as well as computer scientists. He is now a venture capitalist.

David describes three phases for the adoption of a new technology. The first is the enthusiast stage, when the technology is first exploited. Second is the professional, when the technology is developed to help people work. Third is the consumer phase, when the technology is developed far enough for people to enjoy at an accessible price.

David at his interview in 2003. Photo Author