Designing Interactions

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Brendan Boyle

Brendan Boyle is interviewed in Chapter 5 – Play. His process for inventing toys and games relates closely to the other interviews in the chapter, with Bing Gordon, Brenda Laurel and Will Wright.

You can find Brendan Boyle sitting at a tiny desk, close to the rest of his group of creative designers at IDEO. He kept the desks small and close together so that people in the team can see and hear one another easily as they talk about inventing toys and games. The intimate setting also leaves space for a little shop for physical models and mockups right there in an adjoining room, and another area for electronic prototypes. Equipment for making videos is scattered around the studio. Just outside there is a low, round table with little chairs, surrounded by all sorts of playthings; that is where the kids come once a week to try out the new prototypes.

Brendan talks about prototyping designs and then trying them out with kids. He describes how his team invented Fibfinder, a game designed to detect lies.

Brendan sitting at his tiny desk.