Designing Interactions

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Bing Gordon

Bing Gordon is interviewed in Chapter 5 – Play. Bing and Will Wright are both articulate about the nature of play. Tim Mott was also a founder of Electronic Arts.

Electronic Arts (EA) was founded in 1982 with the slogan “We see farther,” implying that interactive technology was becoming an important part of entertainment and improving rapidly to facilitate play. Bing joined EA as one of the six founders and has been a key figure in building the success of the company ever since. He says, “I’ve failed at many jobs in Electronic Arts, succeeded at some, and have been here since the beginning.” He is a mentor to studio producers and development teams, helping them to maintain an edge in creativity and innovation. EA was the first video game publisher to treat its developers like rock stars, referring to them as artists, giving them credit and publicity for their work, and sharing the lavish profits of the company as it grew. This strategy made it easy for them to attract the best designers.

Bing asserts that play is a core human value. He identifies three ages of gamers; pre-adolescents who are looking for freedom from parental control and skill development, teenagers who are looking for alternative identities for themselves, and adults who want fun with self improvement.

Bing in his cubicle at Electronic Arts.