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Frequently Asked Questions

There aren’t so many questions yet, but here are a few. If you have a question, please contact us, so that we can add to this list.

Q. I tried the DVD in my computer, but it didn’t work. What should I do?

A. The DVD needs a DVD player program to run on a computer. Make sure you have DVD playing software on your computer.

Q. I tried the DVD in my home theater, but it said “No Play.” What should do?

A. That’s disappointing – we can only suggest trying another DVD player, playing it on your computer, or browsing the version that you can find in the Interviews segment of the website. We tried to build a DVD to work across all the regions and standards. There are many “regions” for DVDs, used by movie companies to avoid piracy, but we set our software to include all regions. There are still also the standards differences for video, in that TVs in USA and most parts of Asia use NTSC, but in Europe they use PAL (more lines). The good news is that almost all DVD players have software inside to convert from NTSC to PAL real time as they are reading, so a USA made DVD plays okay in Europe.