Designing Interactions

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Chapter 8 – Multisensory and Multimedia

Interviews with Hiroshi Ishii, Durrell Bishop, Joy Mountford, and Bill Gaver

Can interaction design become multisensory and to take advantage of multimedia? Hiroshi Ishii is professor of the Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab. He seeks to change the painted bits of graphical user interfaces to tangible bits, by giving physical form to digital information, enhancing interactive objects with layers of computer based information. Durrell Bishop, an interaction designer based in London, talks of interfaces made up of things that are both physical and connected, striving for objects that communicate their purpose whether they are physical, virtual, or both.

Joy Mountford tells the story of pioneering the development of QuickTime, when she was Head of the Human Interface Group in Advanced Technology at Apple, and describes her research into audio at Interval.

Bill Gaver, researcher and interaction design teacher in London, talks about designing sound, discusses the psychology of affordances, and shows some examples of concepts that have subtle psychological relationships with the people that use them.

The drummer surrounds himself with stimulants for all of the senses. <em>Photo</em> Steven Moeder and Craig Syverson

The drummer surrounds himself with stimulants for all of the senses. Photo Steven Moeder and Craig Syverson