Designing Interactions

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Chapter 6 – Services

Interviews with Takeshi Natsuno, Live|Work, and Fran Samalionis

Services, like products that contain technology, offer a challenge and opportunity for design. They used to be facilitated by people, but now they are often enabled by technology, meaning that the human/technology interactions need to be designed.

Takeshi Natsuno, Managing Director in charge of strategy for the i-mode cell phone service from DoCoMo in Japan, explains the phenomenal success of his venture. i-mode gained 33 million subscribers in Japan during the first three years of operation, combining phone services with internet access.

Chris Downs, Lavrans Løvlie and Ben Reason are founders of the London-based service design consultancy Live|Work. They explain their philosophy and process for designing services, describing service ecologies. These consist of tangible touch-points that make up the total experience of using the service. Fran Samalionis, a leader of the service design practice at IDEO,
expands on this process with examples of a train service and an online bank.

Modern cell phone service-menu and address book. <em>Photos</em> Nicolas Zurcher

Modern cell phone service-menu and address book. Photos Nicolas Zurcher