Designing Interactions

Designing Interactions is a book and a DVD as well as this website.

You can browse by chapter as well as by interview. When you choose an interview, a small version of the segment from the DVD plays. You can also download (free) the chapter of the week together with the relevant interview segments from the DVD.

In the Book Bill Moggridge introduces us to 40 influential designers who have shaped our interaction with technology. The introduction and final chapter combine to describe the approach to designing interactions that has evolved at IDEO. The 800 page book is illustrated with 700 color images. With the book is a DVD of 37 interviews, intercut with examples of interactions.

Download Chapter 8

A pdf of Chapter 8, Multisensory and Multimedia, and videos of the interviews with Hiroshi Ishii, Durrell Bishop, Joy Mountford and Bill Gaver are available for download.

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